19 August 2017

In The Garden, Saturday. The Power Of Imagination

By: Jon Katz

The Power Of Imagination

The fierce power of imagination is a gift of the human mind, it is unique among all of the living things on the earth. Joined with the glory of the mind, the miracle of the conscience, the ethical depth of humans, and the innate sense of the divine, imagination is a gift of the spirit, holy in every sense.

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The Little Free Library Catches On

By: Jon Katz

Catching On

Our LittleFreeLibrary is catching on, at least a half dozen of the books we put in it are gone, and three or four new books have replaced them. The children's books (mine and others) are gone, and two novels have been. We saw three or four books in the library today that were not ours, and haven't read.

It took a few weeks, as other little library owners have suggested, but once people figure out what this is, they seem to enjoy it and are happy to use it. I'll put some more books in tomorrow. This is a community grass roots project that has caught fire, there are 40,000 little free libraries in the United States now.

The idea is to put good books in the little library, and people can take a book (free) and replace it if they can and are able. Books deserve nine lives. The Internet is about much more than nasty messages.

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Gus In The Pasture: A High Noon Quality. Creature Of The Mind

By: Jon Katz

Small Dogs.

Nature has adapted the small dog like Gus to his environment. There is a thoughtfulness about Gus that surprises me, border collies run first, think later. Gus takes his time, does not take risks, but does not run from challenge either. It has been an education for to see Gus learn to adapt to our pasture and farm life.

He has studied every animal, befriend those that are agreeable, avoided those that are not. He is always aware of what the animals are doing, and what we are doing. He watches Maria and I closely for approval and direction. He is more a dog of the mind than I expected.

Gus will never be a herding dog, nor would I push him in that direction. That work takes long legs, sharp teeth and great stamina. Gus is not a fighter, he is a player, lover and observer. When I was out taking photos, Gus planted himself right in front of the Pole Barn to watch me – he has figured out the camera thing already – and see what happens.

He knows when to come into the pasture and when to leave, he never runs off or considers the wider world. He is more cerebral than I would have thought. He leaves the hard work for Red and Fate, he is always ready to have some fun.

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At The Mansion: Peggie Says Thanks

By: Jon Katz

Peggie Says Thanks

For the stuffed animal someone sent her. A reminder, Monday,  September 11 kicks off "Assisted Care Week" at the Mansion, the Army Of Good and I are supporting a lunchtime Pizza Party, I've ordered wood fired pizzas for 45 residents and staffers from the Round House Cafe.

Any decorations or gift bags or favors for the residents would be appreciated, in a sense, it's their day. You can send your wonderful creations to The Mansion, c/o Julie Smith, 11 S. Union Avenue, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816. Festivities began at 11:30 a.m. Red and I will be there.

I've launched a "small things" campaign at the Mansion, looking for small gifts and things that will brighten people's days there, my first effort was to pay for the staff to order pizza the other night. Flowers are one idea, bright posters and images are another. Maybe some small bottles of cologne.

Bigger things too, we're taking a boat ride on Lake George on September 14 and publishing our "Tales Of The Mansion" book right now. A few copies left, I can order more. I'll sign any books if people request it. You can call the store at 518 677 2515. They are shockingly nice.

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18 August 2017

Poem: Inside My Garden: The Song Of Songs

By: Jon Katz

Into The Garden

I crawled into our garden off of the back porch on Thursday with my camera, and was lost int the flowers,  when the sun was high in the sky and strong. In there, on my knees, I could hear the song of songs,  and wrote a poem inspired by the Kabbalah.


"There is one who sings the songs of his people,

the songs of humanity,

in the glory of the human race,

in the glory of the human form,

the spirit spreads,

aspiring to the goal of humankind.

From this spring of life

come the deepest reflections,

our searching striving, and vision.

There is one who expands even further

until he he unites with all of existence,

with all creatures, with all worlds,

singing a song with them all.

There is one who ascends

with all these songs in unison,

the song of the soul,

the song of the nation,

the song of humanity,

the song of the cosmos,

resounding together,

blending in harmony,

circulating the sap of life,

the sound of holy joy."


This poem was inspired by "The Song Of Songs" from the Kabbalah. I wrote it.

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